October 2017 Printable Calendar Template With Holidays

october 2017 calendar

Are you looking for October 2017 Printable Calendar for US, UK, Canda or Other countries? If you say yes, then you should read through it.

We offer you the best blank calendar templates for October 2017 with Holidays and much more interesting facts that you’ve never heard of.

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Hello brothers and sisters, we just get into the new month of 2017. So, let’s say a good bye bye to September and say a big Hai Hai to the October.

So, it’s a new month, right? Every new month is a new way for all of you, Best of luck for you all. Before entering the main piece of content, we would like to share some interesting facts about this month. Hope you all love it.

October Calendar 2017

In Gregorian and Julian Calendars, October month is considered as the tenth-month o the year 2017. Moreover, it’s the sixth month that has 31 days in a month.

october 2017 calendar

In Spanish and Latin, “Ocho” means eight. The word October is derived from this word Ocho from Spanish and Latin. Moreover, In the Old Roman Calendar October is the eighth month of the year.

october calendar 2017

During October, Autumn will start to begin in the Northern Hemisphere. While in the mean time, Spring will begin in the Southern Hemisphere in the current year.

This is kind of like seasonal period during the April in Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.

Facts about October Month 2017

Well, welcome to the world of facts. I’m sure these facts will be much so fun and interesting. I hope you’ll read it every piece of content to get the maximum information about this month.

Tourmaline and Opal are considered as the birth stone of this month. So, if you are born in this month, you should try these stones only, for your blessing and luck.

Check out this:

September 2017 Printable Calendar With Holidays

Moreover, Calendula is considered as the birth flower of this month. You’ll see it on most of the houses. Actually, it’s a lovely flower.

2017 october calendar

There are some special zodiac signs for this month. They are Scorpio and Libra. If you are one of these, you will surely have a good time.

The time for the zodiac sign Libra is until October 22. While in the mean time, the time for Scorpio is until October 23. So, during this period you’ll have a good time.

october month 2017 calendar

From October 23rd to November 21st, some stones are considered good for the Scorpio zodiac sign peoples. They were Sapphire, Sardonyx, and Opal.

So, try to use these stones during this month, if you want to be free from the bad effects and problems in your life. Moreover, Beryl and Aquamarine are considered as the lucky stone for this month.

holidays in october 2017

Also, Ruby and Garnet are considered as the planetary stone for this month. Hope you’ll all got a clear understanding about what stone you have to wear during this month for getting good vibes.

Holidays in October 2017

DateDayName of HolidayType of Holiday
October 1SundayWorld Communion SundayChristian/Catholic
October 1SundayInternational Coffee DayMisc & International
October 1SundayNigeria Independence DayMisc & International
October 1SundayWorld Vegetarian DayMisc & International
October 4WednesdaySukkot (Start)Jewish
October 4WednesdayWorld Animal DayMisc & International
October 5ThursdaySukkot (Continue)Jewish
October 6FridaySukkot (Continue)Jewish
October 6FridayGerman American DayMisc & International
October 6FridayWorld Smile DayMisc & International
October 7SaturdaySukkot (Continue)Jewish
October 8SundaySukkot (Continue)Jewish
October 9MondayColumbus DayUS & Common
October 9MondaySukkot (Continue)Jewish
October 9MondayLeif Erikson DayMisc & International
October 10TuesdaySukkot (Continue)Jewish
October10TuesdayWorld Mental HealthMisc & International
October 11WednesdaySukkot (End)Jewish
October 11WednesdayInternational Day of the GirlMisc & International
October 11WednesdayCome Out DayMisc & International
October 12ThursdayShemini AtzeretJewish
October 12ThursdayWorld Sight DayMisc & International
October 13FridaySimchat TorahJewish
October 16MondayBosses DayMisc & International
October16MondayWorld Food DayMisc & International
October 18WednesdaySt LukeChristian/Catholic
October 19ThursdayDiwali (Hindu Festival)Misc & International
October 19ThursdaySpirit DayMisc & International
October 22SundayNational Nut DayMisc & International
October 22SundayWorld Mission SundayMisc & International
October 23MondayMole DayMisc & International
October 24TuesdayUnited Nations DayMisc & International
October 28SaturdaySt Simon/St JudeChristian/Catholic
October 28SaturdayNational Chocolate dayMisc & International
October 29SundayNational Cat DayMisc & International
October 31TuesdayHalloweenUS & Common

October 2017 Calendar Printable

At last, we all have entered into the tenth month of the year 2017. So, let's all give a farewell to the September month and say Hello to the October month.

As it's a new month, we all have to celebrate and enjoy it as much as possible. We pray the God; we hope this month will surely bring you success and fame.

Fall Season aka Autumn is the season during this month. Autumn is really a beautiful season among the four seasons. So, try to enjoy the nature's beauty.

october 2017 calendar printable

As this is a new month for you, you must have to set goals and plans for this month. Why I say like that because, in order to achieve something smaller or larger, you must set goals.

After setting goals, you have to plan it. After planning, you have to work on it daily. Then only you can succeed in your goals and plans.

printable october 2017 calendar

In the other case, there are about many holidays during this month. So, try to use it for your life success. We are proving you the best October 2017 calendar.

So, that you can manage every day, every minute of your time according to your preference. Try to use your time more productively.

Calendar October 2017

As I have already said, In ancient Roman calendar October was considered as the eighth month of the year. The name October came from a Latin word "Octo" In Latin Octo means eight.

We all have been wondering about the time because it won't stop for anyone. All you have to do is to manage your time according to your need for high productivity.

High productivity means you have to spend most of your time with useful and helpful activities that matter. So, don't waste your time on silly and unnecessary things and activities.

calendar october 2017

We have designed this October 2017 blank calendar templates for you. Yeah, just for you, to plan, write and execute the daily activities according to your preference.

You can write everything that you need to write in the given space. Plan your daily important meeting, activities and much more. You can also plan your holiday activities with this calendar.

printable october calendar 2017

You can download this templates from your mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet or any device that you use. This is so responsive across all your devices for your easy use.

Calendar 2017 October

Autumn is the current seasonal period for this month. Do you ever see it how pretty Autumn season is?. That's a lot of beauty man. That's a lot of natural scenes you can see most everywhere during this month.

Autumn will start to begin from September 22nd and ends on December 21st in the northern hemisphere. And in the southern hemisphere, it's spring season during that time.

Autumn is also called as Fall Season. Do you have ever thought why it's called as fall season? Because during this season, trees will begin to lose their leave. So, most of the leaves will fall from all the trees. That's why it's called as Autumn is also called as Fall season.

calendar 2017 october

Autumn is the only beautiful season among all of the four season. If you see the real beauty of Autumn, you'll accept it. Another beauty is the autumn leaves.

The autumn tree is the most beautiful tree during the Autumn season. It will shed off some of it leaves; the whole tree will look like a paradise. Ow!! Woww that's one of the beautiful things I've ever seen.

printable october month 2017 calendar

Not only the tree, the whole environment will look like a heaven. It's good to get out of the house and enjoy the natural beauty of the Autumn and the Autumn tree.

You would say how lovely it was. Mostly there are many holidays during this October month. So, why don't you make a drive to the nearest forest with your family or friends to enjoy the beauty of nature? You will surely love it, so in holidays try to go for a trip with your family and friends.

October 2017 Printable Calendar

Well, we are going to add some more values to this post by sharing some interesting facts and information about this month October. So if you need, note it somewhere.

October is considered as Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, for your and other awareness you have to participate in meetings. Or make meeting & conferences about Breast Cancer. And create awarenesses among all for a better future.

Moreover, this month also considered as the Domestic Violence Awareness month. Domestic Violence is common nowadays in every house and street. There's a static that depicts, one out four women and 1 out of 14 men was involved in Domestic violence on each other.

october 2017 printable calendar

So reduce these types of violence, we must make some meetings and share the awareness among all of the peoples in order to build a peaceful environment for our future generations.

October 2017 Calendar with Holidays

Likewise in every month, there are about many holidays in this October month 2017. There are many Jewish holidays, Christian and Catholic holidays, Muslim holidays and a lot more US holidays.

Holidays are the important part of your life. If you want to feel relaxed, to enjoy or to cherish your life just go for a holiday vacation.

october 2017 calendar with holidays

Hope you will all enjoy your Holidays with this month. Let's have a blast. Life is so short man, so enjoy every one of your holidays with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Printable October 2017 Calendar Template

Well, now I'm going to share some interesting facts and information about this month October 2017. All of you need to know about these facts because they are so interesting one.

The Birthstone for this month is Opal and Tourmaline. So, If you are born in this month, then try to buy one of these stones. And wear it, it will surely give you luck and prosperity.

october 2017 calendar template

There are some special fruits and vegetables that are specially used during this month. They are Turmeric, Pears, Apple, Persimmons, Ginger, Pumpkin, and Galangal.

These fruits and vegetables are so tasty. So, try to buy these vegetables, cook and add that curries and these fruits with your regular dishes.

printable 2017 october calendar template

There is a remarkable day during this month. That's the National Poetry Day and it coming on October 5th. It's an honorable day for all the poets. Try to celebrate it if you're in poetry field of studies.

October 2017 Blank Calendar

We provide you the best blank calendars for October 2017 with lots of different templates and designs. Hope all of you downloaded and used it for your different uses.

These tablets come in two different colors. One is Black & White, and the other is with many colors. So, You have two choices to choose. You can download October 2017 blank calendar as per your need.

october 2017 blank calendar

These templates are specially designed and created. You can use these for your academic or commercial or official purposes. There are a lot of templates we shared here. So you have a lot of choices, you can also edit it as per your need.

blank october 2017 calendar

So, we are coming to the end of this post. Hope you all get the best templates for your academic or commercial or official usage. We try to give you the best.

Moreover, we are also sure that these calendars will make your time and your daily activities more productive in your life if you have planned everything properly.

If you haven't planned anything, at least try to plan and execute everything as much as possible. Because for a happy and productive life you have to plan and execute everything. Then only you'll get succeed.

We hope we have covered everything that's related to October 2017 Printable Calendar Template With Holidays in the US, UK, Canada and other countries.

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