November 2017 Printable Calendar Template with Holidays

november 2017 calendar

Are you looking for the November 2017 Printable Calendar for US, UK, Canada or Other Countries? If yes, we have a good news for you.

We offer you the Best Blank Calendar for November 2017 with Holidays and much more fun facts, Interesting information about this month you’ve been never heard of.

We are sure about that, you’ll get many benefits and information after reading our whole content. So read through every piece of information out there.

November Calendar 2017

Moreover, we provide you the best calendar templates that you won’t get anywhere on the Internet, specially designed for your academic, commercial, and business purposes.

november 2017 calendar

Let’s all say goodbye to the October and say a big Welcome to the month November with your satisfied mind and heart. It’s a new month, right? Everyone has different goals, plans and so many things to do this month.

2017 november calendar

Best of luck for you all, let the success and pride be with you all. Let’s pray to he God for all of your health, wealth, freedom, and love.

Printable 2017 November Calendar

Before getting into the fun facts of this month, we have to deliver you some interesting historical facts about the month. Hop all of you love it.

blank november 2017 calendar

In Julian and Gregorian calendars, November is considered as the eleventh month of the year 2017. Moreover, it’s the fourth month that has 30 days in the current year.

calendar 2017 november

But, in Roman Calendar November is the ninth month. The name November was derived from the Latin Word Novem. In Latin, Novem means nine.

Download November 2017 Calendar

In Northern Hemisphere, it’s late autumn while at the same time it’s late spring in the Southern Hemisphere during this month November.

calendar november 2017

So that we can conclude that, the season during the November in the Southern Hemisphere is the season equivalent to May in Northern Hemisphere.

holidays in november 2017

Facts About November Month 2017

Well, now it’s the time to share some interesting and important facts about this month. We hope you’ll love it, you can also get much information about this month.

november 2017 blank calendar

In order to make it easier for you, we provide you the information in a short point of the form where you need to read through every point.

Check out this:

October 2017 Printable Calendar With Holidays

When we look into the Astronomical side during this, There are some meteor showers that will occur during this month.You can probably see it with the naked eye. The Meteor Showers namely Andromedids, Leonids, Alpha Monocerotids, Northern Taurids, Southern Taurids, Phoenicids, and the Orionids.

november 2017 calendar template

You can probably see it with the naked eye. The Meteor Showers namely Andromedids, Leonids, Alpha Monocerotids, Northern Taurids, Southern Taurids, Phoenicids, and the Orionids.

november 2017 printable calendar

Here is the table showing the period of the month where the meteor will shower with the respective Meteor shower names.

Meteor ShowersOccuring Period
AndromedidsNovember 9 to November 14
LeonidsNovember 15 to November 20
Alpha MonocerotidsNovember 15 to November 25
Northern TauridsOctober 20 to December 10
Southern TauridsSeptember 10 to November 20
PhoenicidsNovember 29 to December 9
OrionidsLate October to November

Holidays in November 2017

DateDayName of HolidayType of Holiday
November 1WednesdayAll Saints DayChristian/Catholic
November 2ThursdayAll Souls' DayChristian/Catholic
November 5SundayDaylight Saving Time EndsUS & Common
November 5SundayGuy FawkesMisc & International
November 7TuesdayElection DayUS & Common
November 10FridayScience Day for Peace & DevelopmentMisc & International
November 11SaturdayVeterans DayUS & Common
November 11SaturdaySingles Day (China)Misc & International
November 12SundayNational Pizza DayMisc & International
November 13MondayWorld Kindness DayMisc & International
November 14TuesdayWorld Diabetes DayMisc & International
November 16ThursdayGreat American SmokeoutMisc & International
November 16ThursdayInternational Day for TolernceMisc & International
November 16ThursdayWorld Philosophy DayMisc & International
November 17FridayNational Unfriend DayMisc & International
November 19SundayInternational Men's DayMisc & International
November 19SundayWorld Toilet DayMisc & International
November 20MondayUniversal Children's DaysMisc & International
November 21TuesdayWorld Hello DayMisc & International
November 21TuesdayWorld Television DayMisc & International
November 22WednesdayLebanon Independence DayMisc & International
November 23ThursdayThanksgiving DayUS & Common
November 24FridayBlack FridayMisc & International
November 25SaturdaySmall Business SaturdayMisc & International
November 27MondayCyber MondayMisc & International
November 28TuesdayGiving TuesdayMisc & International
November 30ThursdayMawlid Un NabiMuslim
November 30ThursdaySt AndrewChristian/Catholic

November 2017 Calendar Printable

november 2017 calendar with holidays

printable 2017 november calendar template

Calendar November 2017

2017 november printable calendar

printable calendar 2017 november

Calendar 2017 November

Next, we are going to enter into the Astrological facts of this month. Scorpio and Sagittarius were considered as the western zodiac signs for this month.

printable november 2017 calendar

printable november 2017 calendar

November 2017 Printable Calendar

So if it was your zodiac sign, then you will probably have good things coming into your life. What you need to do is just enjoy the path of your life.

printable november month 2017 calendar

Alike every month, there are some special birthstones that you can use during this month. The special birthstones for this November month are Citrine and Topaz.

November 2017 Calendar with Holidays

Topaz is partially yellow in color and it symbolizes the friendship. That means if you wear this birthstone, your friendship circle will be enlarged and will be in a strong bonding.


There are some flowers that were celebrated every particular month as the month's Special flower. Like that November's special flower is Chrysanthemum.

Printable November 2017 Calendar Template

That's maroon-colored slightly a big beautiful flower. If you didn't see it, try to see at least during this month, they are so pretty and gorgeous.

So, it's the time to end this post. We hope you get the best calendar templates for your academic, commercial and business purposes. We tried our best.

November 2017 Blank Calendar

Moreover, we are sure about that these calendars will surely help to plan your entire day too da activities throughout the month. So, that you can live a productive life.

If you haven't planned your daily activities, at least start to plan it from this month. Because for a successful and productive life you have to plan everything.

We hope we covered every topic that related to November 2017 Printable Calendar Template with Holidays in the US, UK, Canada and other countries.

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