Hey Guys, A Warm Welcome to Calendars Cafe ūüôā

Calendars Cafe was launched in September 2017 by Dailan Edwards with the passion of providing  Printable Monthly, Yearly Calendars & Printable Birthday Cards.

The primary goal of starting up this blog is to provide you the needed things for your commercial & official usage to print calendars & birthday cards. We hope you satisfied with our service in printing the needed calendars & birthday cards.

How is Calendars Cafe Helpful for the Visitors?

Calendars Cafe is constantly making steps to provide you the Best Printable Calendars, Calendar Templates & Birthday Cards.

Moreover, we also give you some interesting facts about a specific month like holidays, events & important days. Besides that, we also provide you the best printable birthday card templates & designs.

Calendars Cafe Cover these Topics:

  • Monthly Calendars
  • Yearly Calendars
  • Printable Calendars
  • Printable Birthday Cards
  • Printable Calendar Templates
  • Blank Calendars
  • Business¬†Calendars
  • Calendar Templates
  • Holiday Calendar

Our Future Vision

Our future goal is to provide the visitors with full of useful information about a particular month, monthly calendars, yearly calendars, printable monthly calendars, printable yearly calendars & printable birthday cards.

So, you will get interesting facts about a particular month; you will get printable Calendars, Calendar templates & birthday cards for your official & commercial usage. You can use it anywhere as your need.

Moreover, we aim to develop Calendars Cafe into a Web¬†Application where you can edit the calendar, add your text, design it, you can do whatever you want in that calendars cafe’s web application. Very soon, it’ll be released.

The Founder

Every company has a founder, right?. Likewise, Calendars Cafe was started by me, and my name is Dailan Edwards. I’m a Professional Blogger with experience of 5 years in Digital Marketing. Besides that, I’m an Affiliate Marketer, Web Developer & Designer.

I provide Printable Monthly Calendars & Printable Birthday Cards for your commercial & Official usage. Along with that I also provide interesting facts about every month.

Thanks for reading by, you are the root of Calendars Cafe. Thanks for visiting my blog, thanks a lot, mate. Keep visiting¬†my blog & share your love with Calendars Cafe & I expect it more in the future. ūüôā

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